People choose iPhone or Android phone?

The phone War between iPhone vs Android

I believe one of greatest invention is phone. Since it was invented, people could’ve became to communicate without these traditional method such as writing a letter, visiting to communicate even people don’t need to use a carrier pigeon. Nowadays, most people use 2 types of phone which are iPhone or Android phone. 


Needless to say, iPhone is Apple’s representative product which was invented by Steve Jobs who released it in 2007. Since then it has been evolving with continuing improvements even he passed away. First iPhone’s price was 499$ for the 4GB and 599$ for the 8GB. Now Apple sells iPhone X which is latest iPhone version its cost 1579$ for 64GB and 1829$ for the 256GB. As you can see, there is almost 4 times difference between first one and latest one. It is ridiculous. Why people like to have them even that crazy price is Apple is so good at the branding strategy and having amazing customer service. 


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Android phone

iPhone is only made by Apple but Android phone is made by many phone’s companies from around the world. Why? Android OS is open source system thus other phone company use it to create own Android phone such as XPERIA, GALAXY, NEXUS and so on.


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All these phone adopt Android OS. Android OS was launched by Google in 2008 but Google technically didn’t create it at all. Because, it is created by Android company then Google bought the Android company. The first Android phone was launched by HTC in 2008. When people bought it, they should’ve felt like “I have first android phone in my hand”. As already mentioned, Android phone is made by numerous companies so there are so high competency to make Android phone which makes Android phone being better and better. 

Is it time for change a strategy?

In terms of function, Android phone is much better than iPhone. Also, a price is cheaper than iPhone. This may be a time for Apple to rethink that how they are going to fight with other Android phone using the iPhone.



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